This chemical peel series is broken down into 3 separate appointments, 1-2 weeks apart to prep your skin for extremely effective and professionally-proven results. 
1. Consultation/Mini Peel
2.Advanced exfoliating treatment: TCA/Jessner
3. Light enzymatic exfoliation



The Skin Refining TCA Peel is a popular, professional-strength chemical peel used for skin resurfacing, smoothing and exfoliation. The main ingredient - trichloroacetic acid (TCA) - has been used in the skincare industry for decades, and is an effective, superficial peeling agent. TCA dissolves dead skin cells, helps to fade unwanted pigment, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


For the following week after a TCA peel you will likely experience light "peeling" of the epidermis - similar to dry, flaking skin. The physical peeling varies from client to client, and is dependent upon many factors. You will be able to use your skincare and makeup the day after your treatment. We recommend scheduling at least a week before any special events.




The Jessner Solution is an extremely effective and professionally-proven peel that lifts superficial pigmentation, removes dead skin cells, dissolves clogged pores and helps reverse sun damage. The total regenerating effect delivers a smooth, retextured skin. This peel is great for clients struggling with acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and overall uneven texture. The Jessner Peel is a great solution for clients with clogged pores or stubborn acne.


For the following week after a Jessner Peel you will experience noticeable peeling. Hyperpigmentation and lesions may appear darker, and "flake off" during the exfoliation process. Immediately following a Jessner Peel, your skin will appear white and frosty - this will subside within a couple hours. For 24 hours after your peel, you cannot get your face wet, and may not apply any skincare or makeup. We recommend scheduling this treatment at least two weeks before any special events.

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