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Spray tanning is great for special occasions, vacations or to have a healthy glow regularly! If you have never had a spray tan and you are spraying for an important event, we recommend a “trial spray” before the event to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the look of your tan.


  • shave and exfoliate your skin the day of your spray tan

  • DO NOT apply any moisturizers/lotions, oils, makeup, deodorant or perfume to the skin prior to your appointment (we can always provide wipes to remove these products, but for best results, it is better to come without) – having these on the skin can impact the results of the spray tan

  • it is recommended to wear/bring loose fitted clothing and shoes (no socks)

  • during the appointment you can wear whatever you are comfortable in



  • NO showering, sweating, or getting the skin wet for at least 8 hours – after the 8 hour development time it is safe to shower to remove the physical bronzer that is used in the spray tan solution 

  • DO NOT put anything on your skin until after your first shower 

  • moisturizing the skin keeps the tan lasting longer and looking the most fresh

  • any exfoliation methods (loofah, scrubs, clarisonic, etc) will fade the tan quicker – try to avoid them for the life of the tan.

Please call with any further questions or to book your customized spray tan!



Single Visit $45. With Honolulu $55

3 Visit Package $125. With Honolulu $150

5 Visit Package $200. With Honolulu $255


  • at Luxe we use AVIVA LABS tanning solution and aftercare – they are a reputable company with the lowest amount of ingredients in their solution on the market!

  • the spray tanning is done by hand, guaranteeing an even and detailed result

  • the solution is water based and contains no oils or aloe – which are common culprits of streaking and staining

  • since the solution is water based, it dries very quickly

  • DHA (the ingredient that “tans” the skin) is completely safe and sugar derived

  • the brown color that is achieved by a spray tan is a chemical reaction between the DHA and the proteins in the top layer of your skin. Some skin conditions may react differently with the spray tan solution, and we ask that you fully disclose all conditions before the start of your treatment to ensure the best result

  • a spray tan can last from 5-7 days, every person’s skin holds a tan differently

  • SPF is still necessary even with a spray tan! It’s only “dying” the top layer of skin, creating a cosmetic color, and does not give any production against the sun

  • in order to give you a flawless, bronze glow, you will be asked to verify that you have read all information provided here before the start of your treatment - as prepping your skin and the after care is essential for the best results!